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A large pill machine

High density pill machine applicable to small pharmaceutical companies, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical trial room, traditional Chinese medicine research institutes, hospitals, private clinics, Chinese medicine shop, a valuable tonic on-site processing point of sale, machine adopts stainless steel production, in line with the GMP standard. And the small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, safe and reliable. Powder mixing should pay attention to: Traditional Chinese medicine is a non viscous material, need to add a certain proportion of medicinal materials, making pills the viscosity of the emulsion should be moderate, prevent too soft or too hard, to stir up you can stick in hand.

Main technical parameters of the large dense pill machine:

Functional areas: produce pill, pill, water pills, water pills, coating, drying and food pellets.

Pill specifications: diameter 15mm (3 grams), with 18mm (6 g), 23mm (9 grams),

Productivity: 30kg/h pill

Output power: 0.18KW, electric heating 1KW

Voltage: 220V, 50HZ;

Motor speed: 1400 RPM / min

Working speed: 50 rpm / min

Range of application: it is used in small pharmaceutical companies, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical trial room, traditional Chinese medicine research, medicine science and research units, hospitals, private clinics, Chinese medicine shops (real), tonic sales website counter site processing and food pill like food development units.

Exterior dimension: 546 * 321 * 247mm

Machine weight: 30kg.

Structure: the machine by extrusion sliver clutch roller, roller pill, water pill coating, gear transmission, motor, electric heating, such as components.

Matters needing attention:

1, please read the manual operation in all big honeyed pill machine, and should be retained for future reference.

2, any changes without the approval of the authority, may not be able to operate the pill machine.

3, the manufacturer is not without the approval of the authority to modify the system caused by the pill machine can not be operated, correct this problem by the user to bear.

4, pill machine placed on the safe table, the work table no other related items, is strictly prohibited to pull the wire to prevent breaking machinery or other accidents. Pill machine under the foot can be adjusted to smooth.

5, when the pill machine after the end of the work, please cut off the power supply machine.

6, can not make the pill machine socket overload, otherwise it will cause fire or motor damage.

7, should not be placed in the hands of foreign bodies and in the preparative work within (contact a pill, it can run axis) and the damage of pill making machine.

8, do not work when the upper cover is removed, it can damage the jammed and pill making machine.

9, class work, addend in every oil pill machine hole drops of oil (anhydrous edible oil) see diagram.

10, must use a dedicated power supply lines, such as power lines damaged, to the local office of the Department of maintenance of the purchase, replacement.

11, this machine is suitable for the environment temperature is 5 to 40 degrees, the relative humidity is 90%, the electric network voltage 220V/50HZ, the power supply input has the good grounding.

12, if the material is stuck, the motor does not work, please turn off the power immediately, remove the jammed material before working.

13, the machine does not use when placed in a dry, clean, ventilated place.

Structure characteristics:

1, this machine is composed of a shaft, a shaft, pressed pelletizing shaft, motor, coating device, electrical appliances and other components.

2, the use of a machine, easy to wash.

3, small size.

4, light weight.

5, stable performance.

6, easy to operate.

7, low noise.

8, beautiful shape.

9, clean and convenient.

10, safety and power saving.

11, and the contact part of the drug and the outer shell all stainless steel, in accordance with the GMP standard.

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